The Wine Paris press conference at the Grand Coeur

When Paris becomes the world's wine capital

On the agenda, presentations 

  • The Wine Paris exhibition, the international meeting of wine professionals
  • From Paris, world capital of wine
  • An event that unites the diversity of the 13 founding and partner French interprofessions
  • On the exhibition programme 
Présentation dossier de presse Wine Paris

Quality speakers

Pierre Clément, President of the Association des Vignobles Septentrionaux and VinoVision Paris and Fabrice Rieu, President of Vinisud were present to introduce Wine Paris as an opening to the world for a sector of excellence.

Pascale Ferranti, the Exhibition Director, unveiled how Paris, the world's wine capital, will be fully embodied by Wine Paris.

The whole event was moderated by Philippe Lefebvre, a journalist with France Inter.