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During the day, from 10 to 12 February, the wine world comes together at the exhibition, offering myriad opportunities to taste, discover, share and engage with others!

Wine Paris, les dégustations by Vinisud

An immersive area to discover or rediscover nearly 2,000 wines grown in Mediterranean climates.

  • HALL 4
    2,000 products at leisure and experience the huge array of Mediterranean-climate offerings/ listing by colour and wine region/ a zone dedicated to boxed wines/ a focus on organic and environmentally-friendly wines/ free-pour tasting

Les Dégustations by Vinisud are organized with the help of the Œnologues de France


Wine Paris, les dégustations by VinoVision Paris

An area designed to best promote the extensive range of wine regions in Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Centre-Loire, Champagne and the Loire Valley, but also other cool-climate wine regions.

  • HALL 6 
    800 products from Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Centre-Loire, Champagne and the Loire Valley, along with other cool climate wine regions / listing by colour and wine region / a focus on organic and environmentally-friendly wines/ free-pour tasting

Wine Paris, les masterclasses

A series of 30 masterclasses hosted by French and international experts to taste and learn about the diversity and specificities of wine regions and wines.

  • HALL 4 
    By reservation only, from 15 January 2020.To register: log onto your personal area and go to the "create your visit schedule" tab


NEW // Revolving around 3 hard-hitting and targeted themes - taste; organic and environmentally-friendly initiatives; and innovation - the Wine Talks will offer a perfect illustration of the industry’s vitality and echo current and future consumer trends and expectations.
An inviting, refreshing hotbed of discussion in a round-table format, it will allow a raft of passionate and engaging personalities to take the floor and share newly-minted ideas.

  • Monday 10 February: DELICIOUS day, the myriad aspects of taste
  • Tuesday 11 February: WONDERFUL day, the entire wine industry’s commitment to organic and environmentally-friendly techniques
  • Wednesday 12 February: CREATIVE day, the dynamic effect of innovation to improve sales of wine
  • HALL 6

The three day have received the patronage of OIV (International Organisation for Vine and Wine)


These days are organised in partnership with La Revue du Vin de France


Wine Paris, les découvertes by Wine Mosaic

A multi-faceted approach to explore novel grape varieties including encounters with producers from 12 countries, dedicated masterclasses and 1 free-pour tasting bar.

  • HALL 4 
    In conjunction with Wine Mosaic.

Wine Paris, la Nouvelle Vague

40 young producers looking to establish their first distribution networks in France and abroad for their first wines.

Our objective is to support these wine entrepreneurs as they set up their business and to offer our buyers wines that are not yet on the radar!

  • HALL 4


NEW // A series of forward-looking debates on the future and challenges for French wines internationally.  

Featuring experts in their respective markets, the debates will aim to inform, shed new light on topics and allow useful information to filter through to marketers and, ultimately, support the development of French wine sales internationally.

The first two themes will be addressed during WINE PARIS 2020, echoing topical subjects within the industry:

  • Monday 10 February: Key worldwide trends in 2020-2021 on 7 markets: Belgium, China-Mainland, China-Hong Kong, Germany Japan, United Kingdom, USA - Wine trade monitor by Sopexa x Wine Paris 
  • Tuesday 11 February: The future of French wines is in the US
  • Wednesday 12 February: Will there be a WINEXIT in the UK ?
  • HALL 6